The official token of POORMARTY’s world. Brought to you by P00LS.

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1. POOR Token

POOR is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain and bridged to Polygon. Launched with P00LS, POOR serves as the official Web3 loyalty token for POORMARTY, to help identify their most engaged fans, as well as grow, manage, and reward POORMARTY’s community.   

P00LS offers creators innovative tools that enable them to identify their most loyal community members,  interact with them directly, and reward them according to their level of engagement to incentivize impactful participation.

2. How to Earn POOR

There are several mechanisms for earning POOR Tokens: 

  1. Direct Airdrops to Wallets
  2. Connecting a Wallet to Earn Tokens
  3. Staking an NFT to Earn Tokens
  4. Token Campaigns
  5. Token Redeem Codes

Fans who have participated in POORMARTY’s Web3 community before the launch of POOR receive an Airdrop of tokens equivalent to a year’s worth of earned tokens at launch. This is to reward fans who have been a part of POORMART’s community from the beginning of their journey to now. 

After the first community airdrop, fans new and old can continue earning tokens through Connect to Earn, Stake to Earn, Token Campaigns, and Token Redeem Codes. 

The graph below outlines the different earning opportunities available to fans and how many tokens they can earn for their engagement. 

To identify specific earning opportunities available to fans, you can review HERE.

3. POOR Token Information

A. Token Supply Distribution

POOR is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain, bridged to Polygon, designed to foster seamless integration and composability within the broader Ethereum ecosystem. The total supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens will be distributed over time to continuously reward fans for their continued engagement. 

The large number of token supply accommodates token rewards and may increase in the future to continue rewarding fans. In the case of future transferability and liquidity, some of the token supply may be burned. 

B. Allocation

The distribution of the POOR token encompasses three key entities: 

POORMARTY, P00LS, and POORMARTY's community members, including fans and followers. The allocation structure is outlined as follows:


POORMARTY will be allocated 20% of the total supply of the POOR token. 


P00LS, as the platform facilitating token distribution and engagement opportunities, will receive 10% of the token allocation. 

Fan Distribution:

Fans have the opportunity to earn POOR tokens by actively participating in staking & holding NFTs, following on Web3 platforms, redeeming token codes, and participating in campaigns. These actions and tasks are designed to foster engagement and allow fans to accumulate tokens as rewards for their active involvement.

C.  Launch Date

POOR officially launched July 2023. On this date, fans began earning tokens through the rewarding mechanisms employed by POORMARTY on P00LS.

D.  Tokens Limited Transferability and Value

The Creator Tokens are designed as limited transferable tokens with no fluctuating financial value. The Creator Tokens cannot be bought and sold on the open market. Instead, Creator Tokens hold inherent value by providing access to specific features within the Creator's ecosystem.

Creator Tokens can only be earned for free, held in a wallet, and utilized with approved platforms or transferred to and from wallet addresses authorized by the Creator. The Creator can modify the allowlist upon notification to P00LS.