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Agathe Mougin is Paris-based DJ, model and designer. When she’s not walking the runway, she’s DJ’ing parties and designing clothes for her brand Chapel Paris. Mougin has built a world for herself across industries, and now she’s ready for you to join her for the next step.

Do you want to engage more deeply with Agathe Mougin? The $EHTAGA token is your ticket to participate in this creative journey and access others seeking the same. Get ready to be a founding member of a new kind of community. This whitepaper outlines how token holders can take part in Agathe Mougin’s world.

1. The $EHTAGA Token

A. About Agathe Mougin

​​​​Agathe Mougin, a Paris-based designer, DJ and model, was first discovered on the streets at age nineteen for her resemblance to the Millenium heroine, Lisbeth Salander. Mougin’s androgynous, yet feminine-leaning look launched her modeling career. She’s been featured by numerous brands and publications such as AMI Paris, Vogue France, GANT, Marie Claire, AnOther, Flaunt, Nike, Birkenstock and Rick Owens, among others. At the age of twenty-two, Agathe met fellow DJ Wladimir Schall in a Paris nightclub. The two deejays became fast friends and embarked on a long-standing professional relationship, performing DJ sets and curating sound design for high profile clients around the globe. 

More recently, Agathe has been DJing solo, performing sets for Beats by Dre, Chanel, Coach, Miu Miu and Sacai, among others, around the globe. As an open format DJ curating her mixes to the needs of clients, Mougin’s musical influence is very diverse. She pulls inspiration from disco, R&B, techno, electronic and classic folk music. In 2021, Agathe and her business partner, Laura Marciano launched Chapel Paris, a unisex, inclusive wardrobe, deployed over a small series of timeless items, crafted out of upcycled noble fabrics from high end French houses and tailored in Parisian workshops. She currently resides in Paris, but is always traveling, finding inspiration from around the globe.

The $EHTAGA token will be Agathe Mougin’s official currency, unlocking exclusive products, services and IRL events for token holders in the Agathe Mougin community.

1. The $EHTAGA Token

B. What is the $EHTAGA token

$EHTAGA is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and the official currency of Agathe Mougin. 

$EHTAGA is the first step into Web3 for her community, and a ticket to uniting its members around the world. Starting with a community treasury, Agathe Mougin members will have the power to vote directly on projects and activities as active stakeholders of the company. The $EHTAGA token will also unlock token-gated access to the platform along with exclusive content and in-real-life events.

The first and biggest token holders are key members of the Agathe Mougin community. Prior to the launch of the zerozero marketplace, claims of $EHTAGA tokens will be accessible for anyone to earn through the P00LS launchpad and will subsequently be issued on Ethereum.

On your journey through Agathe Mougin’s universe, you will unlock exclusive access and experiences as you gather more $EHTAGA tokens. Follow Agathe Mougin and P00LS on social media and Discord to learn more and stay up to date on new token drops.

1. The $EHTAGA Token


The $EHTAGA token will be issued by Agathe Mougin in collaboration with P00LS, and launched exclusively on the P00LS platform.

Traditional spheres of influence — from Hollywood to Wall Street and Silicon Valley — are converging more now than ever before, forming a new marketplace with creators and their audiences at the center.

Enter P00LS: the world’s largest decentralized exchange for creator cryptocurrencies. P00LS partners with creators to issue and distribute their tokens, leveraging its best-in-class, gamified system to engage each community and incentivize them to earn tokens. On P00LS, users can earn, buy and sell Agathe Mougin tokens.

P00LS is a decentralized protocol, built and governed by holders of $00, the governance token for the P00LS ecosystem.

Through the P00LS launchpad, fans, followers and members of the Agathe Mougin community can earn free $EHTAGA tokens by, for example:

  • Sharing information about Agathe Mougin’s music, content and the $EHTAGA token on social media
  • Learning more about Agathe Mougin’s vision 
  • Inviting others to earn $EHTAGA

For a few months, the token will only be available for people to earn it for free through the P00LS launchpad. Members of the community will have the opportunity to show their engagement and be rewarded for it. This period is called the genesis launch. Once the genesis launch period ends, $EHTAGA will be listed and made available for trading on the zerozero Marketplace in early 2022.

2. $EHTAGA Use Cases

The value of the $EHTAGA token is linked directly and only to supply and demand. $EHTAGA tokens are held by all the members of Agathe Mougin’s community. Demand for the $EHTAGA token is generated through the use cases Agathe Mougin shares with the Agathe Mougin community; the more relevant use cases, the more demand, the higher the value of $EHTAGA. The following use cases will be deployed from launch, and are subject to change as the $EHTAGA community grows and evolves.

A. Content

After the official launch in June 2022, $EHTAGA token holders will have access to exclusive content from Agathe Mougin to fully immerse themselves in her creative universe.

Token-gated content includes exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, unreleased footage and more. More details will be revealed on Agathe Mougin’s Instagram in the coming months. 

2. $EHTAGA Use Cases

The value of the $EHTAGA token is linked directly and only to supply and demand. $EHTAGA tokens are held by all the members of Agathe Mougin’s community. Demand for the $EHTAGA token is generated through the use cases Agathe Mougin shares with the Agathe Mougin community; the more relevant use cases, the more demand, the higher the value of $EHTAGA. The following use cases will be deployed from launch, and are subject to change as the $EHTAGA community grows and evolves.

B. Access & experiences

The $EHTAGA token is a deep dive into Agathe Mougin’s universe, granting exclusive access to experiences within Agathe Mougin’s community in real life, the digital space and the metaverse. 

More details will be revealed on Agathe Mougin’s Instagram and Discord in the coming months.

3. $EHTAGA Economics

A. Distribution

$EHTAGA is Agathe Mougin’s official Web3 currency. It is an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum, allowing for total composability with the entire ecosystem. The total supply of $EHTAGA token is 100,000,000 and is set to be completely distributed over the course of five years.

3. $EHTAGA Economics

B. Allocation

The $EHTAGA token is distributed to Agathe Mougin as a creator and Agathe Mougin’s community members such as fans and followers.

The allocation structure of the $EHTAGA token is as follows:


Agathe Mougin’s team will receive 10% of the total supply of the creator token $EHTAGA. This allocation of tokens will be vested linearly with a 4 year schedule from issuance. Creator allocations can be used as the creator desires.

Creator Ecosystem

The ecosystem surrounding the creator including key partners and companies will receive an allocation of token in order to integrate the token into their services and build utility for the token. 

Airdrop to Community

Fans can earn $EHTAGA tokens on p00ls.io by completing certain actions on the P00LS Launchpad. Incentive mechanisms to earn tokens will change over time and new token drops will be announced on the P00LS launchpad. Other earning mechanisms will be introduced in the future. 

Community Treasury

$EHTAGA token holders will have access to a treasury of $EHTAGA coins. $EHTAGA holders will be able to vote with their token on how this treasury is put to use. This treasury will be used to incentivize community growth and positive behaviors within the $EHTAGA community. 

Launch Partners

$EHTAGA token will be allocated in part to the launch partners for the token, including P00LS. 


$EHTAGA token will be used to create an initial liquidity pool for $EHTAGA on the zerozero DEX and to provide liquidity on centralized exchanges.

3. $EHTAGA Economics

C. Timeline

A simplified timeline for Agathe Mougin’s token can be found below

1. $EHTAGA Launch

A genesis drop for $EHTAGA will happen in June 2022 at https://launchpad.P00LS.io/ before the coin is minted and before a market is made for the coin.

At this stage, anyone will be able to earn $EHTAGA tokens for free by tweeting, posting on Instagram and learning things about Agathe Mougin’s purpose among other actions. These tokens will be held in the launchpad by P00LS for those that participated in the drop until the launch of the marketplace.

2. Marketplace Launch: 2023

In the months following the first drop, the $EHTAGA token will be minted. Earners of the $EHTAGA token on Genesis Drop will be able to claim tokens to their Ethereum Wallet if they choose to do so once the marketplace launches. $EHTAGA will later be listed on the zerozero marketplace.

To create the $EHTAGA/$00 pair, 10% of total supply will be used to supply liquidity. 5,000,000 $EHTAGA tokens will be mined against 00 through a modified auction mechanism. Once this process is complete, anyone will be able to buy and sell $EHTAGA tokens against $00 in a fully decentralized way. 

The creator allocation, the treasury allocation will begin once the token is minted.

Further, DeFi incentives such as staking, liquidity mining, and trading incentives will be voted on by the community and will begin once the $EHTAGA/$00 pool is made.

The zerozero decentralized exchange is a decentralized marketplace for social tokens issued by creators and brands and for other cryptocurrencies, including the $00 token. All tokens in the zerozero decentralized exchange, including $EHTAGA, can be traded for one another. 

3. Post-Marketplace Launch

After listing on the zerozero marketplace, the following allocations and rewards will be in effect:

  • Agathe Mougin and the $EHTAGA Community Treasury allocation will be distributed linearly over the specified vesting period.
  • Launchpad drops and new incentives will take place frequently on the P00LS launchpad and tokens will be up for grabs for anyone.
  • DeFi Incentives will be voted on and activated by the community.


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1. The $EHTAGA TokenA. About Agathe Mougin
1. The $EHTAGA TokenB. What is the $EHTAGA token
1. The $EHTAGA TokenC. P00LS x $EHTAGA
2. $EHTAGA Use CasesA. Content
2. $EHTAGA Use CasesB. Access & experiences
3. $EHTAGA EconomicsA. Distribution
3. $EHTAGA EconomicsB. Allocation
3. $EHTAGA EconomicsC. Timeline