The official token of Ed Banger Records’ world. Brought to you by P00LS.

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The official social currency of Ed Banger Records, EDBANGER token is your key to all things in their universe.

Do you want to engage more deeply with Ed Banger Records? The EDBANGER token is your ticket to participate in their journey and access others seeking the same. Get ready to be a founding member of a new kind of community. This whitepaper outlines how token holders can take part in the Ed Banger Records world.

1. The EDBANGER token

A. About Ed Banger Records

In the history of dance music, there are very few labels that have generated as much noise as Pedro Winter’s Ed Banger Records. From global superstars Justice, to electro pop siren Uffie, and maverick audio butchers SebastiAn and Mr Oizo, there’s no denying that the Parisian imprint has redefined the sound and image of modern electronic music. As one of the most famous and iconic French Electro labels, Ed Banger Records has touched multiple generations in 20 years. Founded on a whim in 2003 by Pedro Winter, Daft Punk late manager, the story of the label is composed by many stories of impromptu meetings and everlasting friendships. From the duo Justice to Varnish La Piscine, the latest signature of the record label, Ed Banger has always prioritized music over algorithmic results. To be curious and generous have always been directions for Ed Banger Records, and if the label has stood the test of time, it is surely due to its ability to adapt to the revolutions that we have all experienced in 20 years. Animated by the loyalty of the fans through the years, the label wants to give back to its community by using this space and technology as a fanclub.

The EDBANGER token will allow access to exclusive products, services and IRL events for token holders in the Ed Banger Records community.

B. What is the EDBANGER token?

EDBANGER is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and the official Web3 token of Ed Banger Records.

EDBANGER connects the label Ed Banger Records to its fans. The token aims to link fans from all around the world with the label and the artists, and to offer exciting perks to thank them for their unwavering support ongoing for 20 years.


Traditional spheres of influence — from Hollywood to Wall Street and Silicon Valley — are converging more now than ever before, forming a new marketplace with creators and their audiences at the center.

Enter cryptocurrencies: a new way for creators to engage directly with their fans through access to real life and metaverse experiences, products and activities.

P00LS partners with creators to create and distribute their cryptocurrency tokens, leveraging its best-in-class, gamified system to engage the Ed Banger Records community and incentivize them to earn EDBANGER. On the P00LS launchpad, users can earn creator tokens. The EDBANGER token will be developed by Ed Banger Records.

EDBANGER tokens can also be bought and sold on the zerozero decentralized exchange. The zerozero DEX is a decentralized protocol, built for and governed by holders of 00, the governance token for the zerozero ecosystem.

For a few months, the token is only available for people to earn for free through the P00LS launchpad. Members of the community have the opportunity to show their engagement and be rewarded for it. This period is called the genesis launch. Once the genesis launch period ends, EDBANGER is available on the zerozero DEX and may also be available for purchase and sale through other venues.

2. Earn and use EDBANGER

Users can earn EDBANGER for free by completing actions on the P00LS launchpad and by scanning QR codes during major moments of Ed Banger Records (both digitally and IRL). By holding EDBANGER, you will earn access to exclusive perks and experiences within the Ed Banger Records ecosystem.

More details will be revealed on Ed Banger Records’ socials in the coming months.  

3. EDBANGER Distribution

A. Distribution

EDBANGER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain to allow for composability with the broader Ethereum ecosystem. The total supply of the EDBANGER token is 100,000,000 and is set to be completely distributed over a 4 year period.

The rate at which EDBANGER is distributed will decrease over the next 4 years to incentivize and reward early EDBANGER token holders.

B. Allocation

The EDBANGER token will be distributed to Ed Banger Records as a creator, Ed Banger Records’s community members such as fans and followers, key partners in Ed Banger Records’s ecosystem and those engaging with Ed Banger Records in DeFi.

The allocation structure of the EDBANGER token is as follows:


Ed Banger Records will receive 15% of the total supply of the creator token EDBANGER. This allocation of tokens will be vested linearly within a 4 year schedule from issuance.

Creator Ecosystem

The ecosystem surrounding the creator including key partners and companies will receive an allocation of tokens in order to integrate the token into their services and build its utility.

Airdrop to Community

Fans can earn EDBANGER tokens on p00ls.io by completing certain actions on the P00LS launchpad. Incentive mechanisms to earn tokens will change over time and new token drops will be announced on the P00LS launchpad. Other earning mechanisms will be introduced in the future.

Community Treasury

EDBANGER token holders will have access to a treasury of EDBANGER coins that can be used for the benefit of Ed Banger Records’s Web3 community. EDBANGER holders will be able to vote with their token on how this treasury is put to use. This treasury will be used to incentivize community growth and positive behaviors within the EDBANGER community.


EDBANGER token will be used to create the marketplace for EDBANGER.

C. Timeline

1. Genesis Drop

A genesis drop for EDBANGER will happen in May 2023 at https://launchpad.P00LS.io/.

At this stage, anyone is able to earn EDBANGER tokens for free by answering questions and learning things about Ed Banger Records and its purpose among other actions. These tokens are held in the launchpad by P00LS for earners until token minting.

2. Token Minting

$EDBANGER is minted after the first drops, and those who have earned EDBANGER will be able to claim their tokens directly from P00LS through an airdrop mechanism. Once minted, the tokens will grant access to exclusivity to the EDBANGER ecosystem in Web3.

3. Utility

After launching, EDBANGER will become Ed Banger Records’s official social token. Major holders of EDBANGER will have the greatest access to Ed Banger Records content, perks, events and more.

4. Token Lockups

During the one (1) year period following the date that the tokens are minted (Initial lock-up period), all tokens deliverable to the creator, creator ecosystem partners (partners, ambassadors, advisors, multisign signers), and P00LS Inc. (if any) shall be subject to an absolute bar on Transfers. Commencing on the expiration of the initial lock-up period, the tokens shall be released from the transfer restriction on a linear block-by-block basis over 3 years and transferable solely in compliance with all applicable laws, including U.S. securities laws, such that 100% of tokens are unlocked at the 4 year anniversary of the minting date.